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Beijing Heshun Tongda Logistics Co., Ltd

Beijing Heshun Tongda Logistics Co., Ltd. is a professional automobile consignment service company. Main business: RV transportation, private car transportation, new energy vehicle transportation, high-end automobile transportation, club automobile transportation. For more than ten years, Heshun Tongda Transport has been consistently engaged in the service of automobile consignment, casting the professional spirit of Heshun Tongda people. For more than ten years, Heshun has reached more than 70 cities and more than 20 ports across Xinjiang, including Tibet, Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Xi'an and Xining. It has provided consignment services for Tesla, BYD, Xiaopeng, Ideal, FAW Hongqi, Beijing Hyundai and other well-known brand automobile groups.

Heshun Tongda is a new energy vehicle, test car, private car, self-driving touring car consignment service provider, focusing on car consignment services, and is committed to building China's leading commercial car consignment and private car consignment service brands. The company has car logistics node offices in 300 large and medium-sized cities across the country. The company has 50 commodity transport vehicles and can dispatch and coordinate 300 consignment transport vehicles. It can not only ensure the delivery time of commercial vehicles, i.e. new cars at 4S stores, but also achieve the full load driving of large flatbed vehicles. With the price advantage generated by full load, we firmly implement the mission of price transparency, full insurance and punctual delivery.

Heshun Tongda takes "respecting customers, loving cars, and putting credit first" as its purpose, and treats every customer and shipping partner with warm and considerate service. We treat your car just like our own, and it is our mission to make your car timely and safely arrive. The successful growth of the company's service capability stems from our constant pursuit of customer satisfaction. Heshun Tongda Transport Vehicle vowed to be an excellent supplier of automobile transportation logistics brands, and made every effort to build a well-known brand of China's automobile transportation logistics.

"Respecting customers, loving cars, considerate service, punctual delivery and transparent price" is the service concept of Heshun Tongda We always adhere to the principle of "waiting for customers to love cars and putting information first".

The company promises: the same price, we compare speed; At the same speed, we are better than the service; The same service, we are more honest.

All staff of Heshun Tongda keep in mind and follow the service concept of "respecting customers, loving cars, keeping promises, being serious, fast and affordable", cherish every opportunity given by customers, and carefully handle every link of car consignment

Let each customer's checked car arrive on time without risk.

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